Use me!

»Use me! Sit on me!« - calls the one-legged stool. If you follow its request, you will find yourself in a balancing-game, according to the rules of gravity.

»Use me!« drives the antifragile system to the extreme. A furniture that occupies its function exclusively if it is in use. If the user leaves the stool, it falls to the floor and remains lying there. Like this, the stool can be seen as a sculptural object without a specific function. Only the re-use of this sculpture transforms it back into furniture. »Use me!« is made of birch, a soft wood that gets traces of use after time. The edge compensates the impact and prevents that the ground will be damaged. The shape of this seating furniture is reduced to a minimum. However, the type of use is clearly communicated - the recessed seat and the rounded edge can intuitively be recognized as a piece of furniture.