»Companion« moves through the space. It is lamp, which no matter in which room it will be used, is moving independently. Due to it´s flexible leash, the object can stand in the room. It does not need support. The construction allows »Companion« to be configured as a floor lamp as well as a desk lamp.

The idea:
The increasing flexibility of our life and the consequent instability of our living conditions ask for rethinking our general understanding of living. Our homes, with various static furnitures, often feel like obstacles and ballast. Furnitures do not fit into new rooms. With up to five meters in length »Companion« fits into any flat and adjusts to every change. Like this it becomes a companion for a long time. The shade protects the bulb during transports and fits, through a flattened side, onto walls or surfaces. 

Companion won the IKEA Design Award 2015.