Tactile Perception part of TRÄ ART exhibition at CultureStreet – Kulturgatan

Sommaren 2017 sees a host of different activities at CultureStreet – Kulturgatan. Exhibition will take place from 7.6.- 15.09.2017.

Visit WOOD ART, an exhibition filling the Warehouse ground floor with wide-ranging contemporary design based on wood. A special opportunity to view recent design and workmanship with an international flavour from industries, artisans and established designers, along with the latest from design and craft schools. Furniture, product design, woodcraft, carpentry, interior design, art. Right next to the exhibition in the same building is the design shop with a selection of unique products complementing the exhibition.

Walk along Kulturgatan and pop into the Villa Svea art show Samverk, see the Intarsia Workshop in action, stay at Green House Bed & Breakfast, enjoy the recently opened Bakery and refreshments at the Café Röda cottage. Kulturgatan, located in southern Sweden, is a cultural project run as a commercial enterprise. A unique part of the Småland industrial environment has been reinvigorated ready for new narratives and experiences.

Stiftelsen Lehmanns Verkstad i Bodafors | www.lehmannsverkstad.se