We often find lots of light sources that create different light atmospheres in our homes. For this project we observed that humans have a desire to change their light situations depending on the room, daytime, action and their emotions.

Our intention was to create a lamp that can be used as a light source for different kinds of everyday life situations. We choose the (dining) table as an example to show how one lamp can solve different light situations over a whole day. Today, tables are being used in a much more versatile ways than they used to be. It becomes a workplace, a crafting and playing table, kids do their homework on it, it´s the place where we meet our friends, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our tables are “the place to be” if we do not sleep. Lightsome wants to meet as many lighting requirements as one single luminaire could possibly do. By flipping over the light changes. The horizontal orientation creates a general, dimmable light while the vertical orientation spreads a concentrated bright spot on the table.

A motion sensor enables the user to turn the lamp on and off. It also controls the brightness of the light source. Lightsome comes in black anodized aluminum body as well as in a white Plexiglas body. Both fulfill the same function but give their owner a spectrum to choose from. 

Group partner: Viola Vallon

Lightsome will be shown at the Furniture Fair in Milan 2017. It is part of the Exhibition SPEKTRUM of the School of Industrial Design at Lund University.