Dripping Overhead

Water is available for everybody in the western world. We still often forget to grab the water bottle and drink too little. To counteract this problem, this project was developed to remind people all day long to drink enough water. 

The goal of this product concept is to sensitize the user in relation to water and to constantly remind him to drink. The »dripping overhead« is a screw-on closure for a standard PET bottle, which is placed upside down on a glass. The inside build drip-mechanism ensures that constantly water drops drop by drop into the water glass. The soothing sound of each drop reminds us to drink and integrates water subconsciously in our everyday lives. At the same time this system can be seen as a type of water meter and accompanies one throughout the workday. According to the motto: »every drop counts!«


Project partner: Benedikt Kartenberg & Marianne Drews